Customer Service

Service business

Key words�

1. After-sales service

Service team:

We have a team of technical service specialists, who have been engaged in the industry for more than 10 years on average, well-experienced, with comprehensive skills.

Service standards:

Site commissioning, specialized tools for maintenance personnel, uniform work suits, with a good working attitude, training in accordance with the company’s rules and regulations, developing professional service standards.

Service hours:

4000411777 hotline for customers. If your equipment has any problems within the “three guarantees” period, you can call us for repair at any time; our service personnel will be informed of the feedback at the earliest time possible, who will contact the customer in the timely manner, and rush to the scene to deal with the problem.

Service Network:

Our Service offices cover throughout the country; the equipment debugging and maintenance are more timely, and more convenient; we have expanded the scope of after-sales services, so that you do not have to worry about the distance and have no worries in the rear.


2. Maintenance services

Patrol inspection - regular inspection; timely detection and handling of hidden problems of the equipment:

Regular inspection of the equipment on a routine inspection, comprehensive inspection and evaluation of equipment status; timely and effective measures are taken to eliminate or discover the hidden problems of the equipment and ensure the safe and efficient operation of equipment and systems.

Routine maintenance - routine equipment maintenance, wearing parts replacement:

Provide comprehensive maintenance services, including oil cleaning and oil exchange, electrical component inspection, calibration concentricity and other items, and repair or replacement of the wearing or damaged parts of equipment.

Emergency services - 24-hour emergency technical support; technical staff are sent to the scene to deal with the problems at the earliest time possible:

For the emergency failure of equipment, we provide 24h technical support services. Just call 4000411777, to get guidance from our professional technical staff, and the initial handling of the fault; we will also arrange the technical staff in the shortest possible time to reach the scene to solve the problem.

Technical training - tailored, on-site training, to improve the fit between the staff and the equipment:

During on-site service, we provide technical trainings for operators of the equipment in the aspects of use, maintenance, inspection and routine operation, so that the site operators can improve equipment use and maintenance skills.

Overhaul workshop: we have formal standard professional overhaul workshops, to undertake maintenance of equipment heads from all over the country; we have professional maintenance technicians to ensure the normal operation of each machine head.


3. Extended warranty service

Extended repair: the warranty service is extended for 1 year on the basis of the original warranty;

Original parts: all the maintenance parts are original;

Professional maintenance: hundreds of professional maintenance engineers provide you with professional maintenance services;

On-site services: free home repair, maintenance and care by maintenance engineers, convenient and worry-free.

Service category: piston compressor unit, open-type screw compressor unit, adjustable screw compressor unit and semi-hermetic compressor unit produced by the Bingshan factory.

Service hours:

400 hotline: 8: 00--17: 00 all year round

Warranty extension review: 8: 00--17: 00 all year round

Troubleshooting: 7 x 24 hours

Service coverage: the whole country


4. Other services

Annual maintenance services: Bingshan dispatches technical personnel monthly to provide equipment inspection, maintenance and care services for the electromechanical equipment in the distribution center compressor rooms, refrigeration warehouses, power distribution rooms of customers, in addition to personnel training services, and safety inspection and evaluation services.

The service content does not include the daily operation of equipment, compressor dismantling and overhauling, motor repair, heat exchanger cleaning, and the costs of parts and materials. 


Maintenance services: Bingshan sends backbone technical personnel to be stationed in the customer distribution center, to provide resident service (working days). They can participate in the management of the engine room, help customers with electrical equipment maintenance, repair, care and other services for equipment in compressor rooms, refrigeration warehouses, power distribution rooms, solve system failures in a timely manner and enhance the daily management capacity.

The service content does not include the daily operation of equipment, compressor dismantling and overhauling, motor repair, heat exchanger cleaning, and the costs of parts and materials. 


Machine room maintenance: Bingshan sends technical staff, to be stationed in customer distribution center on a long-term basis, to help users to carry out necessary technical support services such as equipment commissioning, routine maintenance, and emergency troubleshooting for the electromechanical equipment in compressor rooms, refrigeration warehouses, and power distribution rooms, in addition to remote monitoring, cloud data analysis, energy-saving program demonstration and implementation, and other value-added technical support services.

The service content does not include the daily operation of equipment, compressor dismantling and overhauling, motor repair, heat exchanger cleaning, and the costs of parts and materials. 


Remote monitoring:

The remote monitoring cloud system of Internet of Things is a product management system based on the technologies of the Internet of Things, which can provide a cloud service platform integrating real-time monitoring, remote control, alarm management, safety protection, historical data management, statistical reporting, decision support, log management and service functions. 

Through the analysis of the massive data collected, it is possible to improve the management efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, detect potential problems and failures in a timely manner, to realize the "efficient, energy saving, safe, environmentally-friendly“ management of cold storage, units and systems.

Through real-time monitoring and intelligent analysis of the refrigeration system, it is possible to help the administrator to maintain the safe and efficient operation of the refrigeration system, and detect potential problems and failures in a timely manner, to ensure the normal safe operation of the refrigeration system.

The administrator can check the operation of the system through computers, mobile phones, or other mobile devices anytime anywhere, receive the alarm and fault warning in a timely manner, effectively reduce equipment maintenance costs and improve work efficiency.


The remote monitoring system for equipment is updated. 24-hour real-time monitoring is realized through modern means. The unit operation data analysis is conducted. The timely feedback of the system backstage alarm information ensures the normal operation of the unit.

Real-time data view: real-time monitoring of the overall operation of multiple sites, remote setting and viewing of different parameters of different devices, overall management of multiple sites. 

Alarming and early warning detection: through the on-site data view, the potential alarms and failures are analyzed in a timely manner. The occurred alarms can be distributed and managed, which are rapidly reported to the personnel on the site for handling.

Alarm record management: management of the processed alarm records. Through the analysis and statistics of historical alarm records, the equipment that frequently gives alarms will be tracked especially, to realize timely detection of the problem.

Historical data analysis: management of historical data. The data is displayed with curves and tables. The historical data of different devices is analyzed to assist the technical management personnel in accurately grasping the operation conditions of the system.

Alarm management settings: the levels of the alarm prompts are managed. You can set up three levels of alarm - alarm in all cases, only in fault, all alarm disabled, on different sites, so that only the alarm information that the user is concerned about is prompted.

Send log management: the log management mainly serves to maintain record for the alarm allocation information, including user logs and important logs, to facilitate the timely detection of causes for the administrator.

User information management: user information management consists of user site information management and service personnel information management, to facilitate timely communications with the staff onsite.

Remote assistance support: provides a remote technology interactive platform to offer professional advices on the operation and maintenance of user’s equipment; provides complete and detailed data support for the service personnel to help enhance their expertise.